Preventing Ankle Injuries

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Spraino is a tribological patch that attaches to the outside of your shoe soles and helps align the foot before ankle injuries occur. Spraino is designed to prevent ankle injuries without compromising on comfort or mobility. Spraino can be used by athletes at any level.

In a typical ankle twist, the outside of the shoe sole is stuck to the floor, resulting in a twisted ankle. This can cause serious injury and long periods on the sidelines. With Spraino, the friction on the outside of the shoe sole is minimized and the foot instead returns to its natural position in an injury situation – before the twisting occurs.

Use Spraino to minimize injuries and maximize your performance.

Tested and approved for handball, badminton, and volleyball. For use on indoor surfaces such as linoleum, wooden and sports flooring.

Scientifically proven effect

The effects of Spraino are documented in the largest study of ankle injury prevention in indoor sports in Danish history – a study undertaken by Spraino.

The results were unanimous: Spraino decreases the risk of non-contact injuries and reduces pain, fear of reinjury and time off-court. The study has been published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious journal in its field. Read the study here.

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Spraino stories

Spraino inspires athletes to be at their best and play fearlessly. Watch what these athletes have to say about Spraino.

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Buy Spraino

Spraino Expert Pack Black
Spraino Expert Pack White

  • Contains 4 pairs of Spraino patches and 2 disinfectant wipes.

Spraino Pro Pack Black
Spraino Pro Pack White

  • Contains 20 pairs of Spraino patches and 10 disinfectant wipes.

Product durability depends on the athlete’s activity level and other factors such as weight, sport, and floor condition. Typically, each patch lasts 20 to 40 hours.

Spraino® Stay safe like never before.

Spraino is available on Spraino’s webshop, on Amazon’s European marketplaces and with online retailers across Europe.