Medical Professionals

Gait impairment relief and fall prevention

We offer a technology that helps patients with walking abnormalities. It makes walking safer by preventing tripping and ankle twists. And it reduces the strain from walking with shuffling feet, making every step easier.

The solutions are valuable for many patient groups: from the early mobilization of stroke patients in hospitals to rehabilitation in Multiple Sclerosis and in the everyday life for large patient groups such as in Parkinsons Disease.

Technology based on friction control

Friction on the edge of shoe soles is high. Excessive friction is causative in tripping or ankle twisting and impeding gait in many patient categories. In tripping, the friction leads to a high braking force that causes the characteristic rapid forward motion of the upper body. In ankle twisting, the fixation of the lateral shoe edge, creates an anchor for the inward rotations of the shoe. In cases where the foot scrapes the ground or even shuffles, the diminished friction on the shoe front makes the gait both easier and safer. With our shoe front elements, the shoe can easier pass over an obstacle such as a rug or a sidewalk edge. The braking force at shoe impact can be reduced by more than 90%. Easier walking is achieved throughout the gait cycle: from reduced braking in the toe-off instance, to the diminished strain from shuffling or occasional drag on the ground.

Spraino ApS’ patented technology is easily applied to shoes by orthotists and shoe professionals and can be applied to many types of footwear.

Improved mobility for foot drop patients

Foot drop patients can benefit in all phases of the underlying disease. From earlier and more effective mobilization over efficient rehabilitation to improved activities of daily living. Even in cases of severe foot drop, many patients can drag their feet and can therefore self-mobilize with or without other aids such as rollator. Achieving autonomy in basic functions quickly generate motivation for rehabilitation and exercise.

When getting back in job and to normal life with residual symptoms, the possibility of safer shoes will be a relief to many whether as an add-on to a brace or a stimulator – or if the fatigue induced foot drop otherwise makes prolonged walking impossible.

Many foot drop patients are relatively young and still active on the labor market. An easier and safer gait can help these patients re-establish their work life.

Quality of life improvement for patients is mirrored in an economic benefit to society.

Avoid falls due to tripping

Patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease or complications related to diabetes have trouble with their gait and are prone to tripping and falling. The same goes for many elderlies who are weakened due to loss of muscle mass and reaction speed.

Aside from being painful and very often leading to other injuries, falling is stigmatizing. It will frequently cause patients to reduce activities and stay in their homes. Our low friction technology can remove the fear of going out and help patients stay socially active and independent.

Relieve ankle instability

Repeated ankle sprains lead to chronic ankle instability.

Our technology helps speed up recovery and reduces the risk of re-injury – at any point in the recovery process. It can be used before and after ligament reconstructive surgery. Or once the patient has resumed normal activities. Regardless of the situation, Spraino relieves ankle instability with safer shoes.

A large RCT study published in the prestigious British Journal of Sports Medicine documents that 53% of severe ankle injuries are avoided when using Spraino and that recovery time is being reduced by upwards of two thirds. A significant pain reduction was also noted by Spraino users. This is thought to result from reduced connective tissue peak stresses.

A new possibility to help

Spraino offers orthotists a new aid to help patients. Either as a standalone solution or in combination with braces or stimulators. As an orthotist you can help new patients from early rehabilitation, and you can help existing patients who are looking for better help to avoid agonizing falls.

Spraino will help physiotherapists and doctors mobilize patients faster. Progress through rehabilitation ensures that patients stay motivated, while you will be able to save treatment costs and secure a faster discharge of the patient. Ensuring a faster and easier mobilization enables training of more advanced activities earlier. Using Spraino during rehabilitation thus bridges the return to normal life. In care settings, reducing falls is both cost-effective and a relief for all: residents, relatives and caregivers.

Retrofitting Spraino to patient footwear

Spraino fits most medical footwear. It is applied in minutes by orthotists or orthopaedic technicians. If you do not have one at hand, we can help you identify someone with the right skill set.

Spraino provides tools, video tutorials and intuitive manuals, offering you an easy way to help your patients get a better life.