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Footwear with ankle injury protection

Whether you are a professional athlete, exercise for fun or to just stay in shape, ankle injuries are frequent and unwelcomed. Ankle injuries are painful and keep athletes sidelined for weeks. The fear of re-injury may impact performance for a long time. And at the extreme, re-injuries can lead to chronic ankle instability.

Partnering with Spraino enables your brand to offer footwear with built-in ankle injury protection. Buyers of your footwear will reduce the risk of injury. And they will get back in the game faster if they have already been injured.

It’s all in the friction

Ankle injuries most frequently occur because of the high friction on the outer edge of shoe soles. When an athlete lands on the outer edge of the shoe after a jump or in a lateral movement, friction can cause the shoe to get caught in the surface. The ankle will twist around the point that gets caught, and the athlete is left on the floor in agony.

Spraino reduces the friction on the outer edge of the shoe. Instead of twisting, Spraino will force the shoe to re-align into its intended position and trajectory, thus avoiding injury.

Scientifically proven effect

Laboratory tests show that Spraino reduces the harmful force during a twist by more than 90%. The stress on bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons is far less with Spraino than if no aids are used.

In the largest ever Danish study of ankle injuries, it is documented that Spraino:

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Reduces the risk of serious ankle injuries by 53%
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Reduces the risk of serious non-contact ankle injuries by 59%
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Reduces ankle injury time by up to two thirds
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Get injured athletes back to full speed 36% faster

The study is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious journal in its field. Read the study here.

Build ankle protection into your shoes

Your brand can build Spraino’s patented ankle protection into its footwear. The friction properties are carefully developed. Friction will only be reduced when needed, and there is no compromise on comfort or mobility. During regular play and movements, the shoe will function as normal. The combination between the original properties of the shoe and Spraino’s effective ankle protection ensures maximum performance – and ease of mind.

Patented Technology

Spraino’s technology consists of patented low friction elements that are molded into shoe soles during production. We offer a design manual and assistance during the design process to ensure that the Spraino elements are placed correctly and that the friction properties of the shoes are exactly as they should be. When a prototype shoe is ready, Spraino will help conduct mechanical tests before the shoe moves on to production.

In short, we work to ensure your customers the best possible ankle injury protection.

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