Maximizing Performance.
Minimizing Injury.

Ultra-low friction for an ultra-rapid glide.

SplitOut® - Be the best you

SplitOut is a tribological patch specially designed for handball, futsal, and floorball goalkeepers. The patch is applied to the shoe heel to aid split movements and ease pressure on the ankle and knee joints. Its ultra-low friction properties allow for a smooth and rapid slide and simultaneously reduces stress on the knees and ankles. SplitOut can be used by athletes at any level.

Tested and approved for handball, futsal, and floorball. For use on indoor surfaces, such as linoleum, wooden and sports flooring.

SplitOut® - Protecting your joints

SplitOut reduces friction between a goalkeeper’s shoe and the floor. Reduced friction prevents sudden stops and jarring during slides and reduces braking forces on knee and ankle joints. SplitOut increases comfort and performance during play.

SplitOut is designed based on Spraino’s biomechanical research, which created our original patch product, Spraino. Our research is published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, the most prestigious journal in its field.

Many athletes have experienced that injuries and pain in knees and/or ankles disappear or are reduced when using SplitOut.

Meet Our Ambassadors

Join the league of world class goalkeepers that who use SplitOut and hear what the professionals have to say about it.

Jannick Green

SC Magdeburg, Danish National Handball Team

Emil Nielsen

HBC Nantes, Danish National Handball Team

Frederik Peytz

Skoftebyn Futsal, Danish National Futsal Team

William Rams

Hjørring Futsal, Danish National Futsal Team

Buy SplitOut

SplitOut Expert Pack Blue

  • Contains 4SplitOut patches and 2 disinfectant wipes.

SplitOut Pro Pack Blue

  • Contains 20 SplitOut patches and 10 disinfectant wipes.

Product durability depends on the athlete’s activity level and other factors such as weight, sport, floor condition and playing style. Typically, each SplitOut patch lasts 20 to 40 hours.

SplitOut® Maximizing Performance. Minimizing Injury.