• Reduces harmful forces during a twist by more than 90%
  • Prevents almost 60% of serious ankle injuries
  • Reduces injury time by up to 67%

Driven by science
and a desire to help

Ever since we launched our first product it has been our ambition to help. At first, to help athletes avoid ankle injuries and improve performance. Later on to help patients with gait impairments walk better and avoid tripping accidents.

It is part of our DNA that our solutions are backed by science and that effects are documented. Spraino was founded by a doctor with a scientific approach to product development. All our products have been developed in close cooperation with leading researchers and scientists. Effects are documented in scientific studies and advanced mechanical tests. Whether you are in sports or medicine, we can help you help your customer.

fewer serious ankle injuries
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Spraino is designed to prevent ankle injuries without compromising on comfort or mobility. Spraino can be used by athletes at any level.
faster recovery
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Spraino enables your brand to offer safer footwear that speeds up recovery and reduces the risk of re-injury.

reduction in braking force
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Our medical solutions are designed to prevent trips and falls when passing smaller objects, and to ease walking for patients with gait impairments.

How it works

Spraino straightens the foot before the injury occurs. In a typical ankle twist, the outside of the shoe is stuck to the surface, which results in a twisted ankle. For athletes as well as people with a tendency to twist because of a gait impairment, this can result in serious injury. With Spraino, the friction on the outside of the shoe is reduced, and instead of twisting, the foot returns to its natural position – thus preventing the twist.

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Spraino has developed a technology that helps patients with walking abnormalities.

I definitely feel safer when I walk with GaitAidTM fitted shoes.

Safer with GaitAidTM

A valuable solution for many patient groups.


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